Digital Forensic Tools & Utilities

Digital Forensics Tools:


RedWolf Computer Forensics

  • CSC Parser  – Parse the Client side cache Directory and restore the files.
  • gMail Offline Parser – Parse the Gmail Offline folder and display the email’s.
  • Internet History – Parse the IE files (cookies, index.dat, history) and display reports.
  • Internet Parser – Parse the following browsers flock, chrome, firefox and display reports.
  • iTunes Parser – Parse an Itunes library and determine Email address songs were registered to.
  • PreFetch Parser – Parse the prefetch files and display information.
  • Skype Parser – Parse Skype Logs.
  • Vista Thumb-Cache Parser – Parse the Vista thumbcache files.
  • Thumbnail_html – Read a directory of graphics and create a webpage to display them plus display EXIF info.
  • Date-Time – Pick a time and convert to a new time zone.
  • Recycle-Bin – Parse the Recycle bin and output information on it.
  • Office-MetaData Parser – Parse Microsoft office documents and report on it.
  • Temporal nalysis for MFTRipper – Time line analysis for MFT Ripper – Works with Free version – working on making it work with paid version of MFT Ripper.

Other Tools

 Penetration Test Resources

  • Glossary – A comprehensive glossary of vulnerability testing terms from the Finnish University of OULU
  • Open Web Application Security Project – The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a worldwide free and open community focused on improving the security of application software – go here for free resources and advisories