Open Tabs – Intro

I have been having less and less time lately to post things on which led me to write the recent post ‘Not enough hours in the day’ and has been causing me to feel a little guilty. So I have decided to borrow an idea from Martin McKeay of at As I’m on […]

Security Assessments You’ve Never Had – But Should…

You are probably familiar with the classic security assessments: ¬†internal and external penetration testing, security risk assessments, and PCI gap assessments.¬† You may not be as familiar with, or even aware of, other assessments that may be just as valuable for strengthening your security program.¬† Some of these less familiar assessments are new, the result […]

Not enough hours in the day

It’s been a while since I posted a good old blog article on here and that is mainly as I’m sure you can tell from the title because it’s a little hectic. But the blog is important to me and deserves my attention. Time at the moment just seems to flying by. First September and […]

Lulzsec reportedly disbands

A hacker group that has attacked several high-profile websites over the last two months has announced that it is disbanding. Lulz Security made its announcement through its Twitter account, giving no reason for its decision. A statement published on a file-sharing website said that its “planned 50-day cruise has expired”. The group leapt to prominence […]

BBC has online ‘chat’ with Lulzsec

The Lulz Security hacking group that has claimed attacks on high-profile targets including the CIA and Sony in recent weeks has exclusively told the BBC’s Newsnight programme that it wants to target the “higher ups” who write the rules and “bring them down a few notches”. Lulzsec has claimed a new scalp – releasing confidential […]

With all the recent hacks, should you change your password?

With all the data breaches in the news lately, it’s hard to know whether you’ve been affected. You could just change all your passwords after every reported breach – just in case. You could insist on tokens for everything. (Of course, that might raise additional concerns) You could stop using the internet entirely. Or you […]

‘LulzSec suspect’ arrested by New Scotland Yard

New Scotland Yard has confirmed that it has arrested a 19-year old suspected hacker in Essex, UK, in connection with a series of hacks and denial-of-service attacks against a number of organisations. It is being widely speculated that the arrest is in connection with the high-profile attacks by the LulzSec hacking group, which has claimed […]

Want to get in to ITSec? Get on Twitter

We’ve had a few emails recently from people asking ‘How to get in to the security industry’ and ‘How to learn more about security’ and overall just keep their finger on the pulse. Along with get the right qualifications, read the write books, browse the right security blogs (we link to most of them!) as […]

IT/InfoSec who to follow on Twitter

More to follow, message us if there’s one we’re missing, especially yours!!/jessicambair!/Steve_at_EnCase!/irongeek_adc!/McGrewSecurity!/ChrisJohnRiley!/rapid7!/HackerRun!/matthewneely!/hack3rcon!/securityspeak!/ErrataRob!/hdmoore!/SecurityHumor!/SpireSec!/indi303

LulzSec hacks EVE Online as rampage continues

Hacker pranksters LulzSec took out sci-fi game EVE Online on Tuesday as part of a run of attacks apparently perpetrated purely for the lulz. A DDoS attack left EVE Online offline for around five hours as part of an operation called Titanic Takeover Tuesday. CCP Games, the firm behind the popular multiplayer game, said that […]