Female hackers need apply

Even when I was starting to study my degree just some 4 years ago in Digital Forensics and IT Security there appeared to be very little interest in the subject of IT as a whole, let alone Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking from women. Some three women appeared in the lecture hall on the first day of the course […]

Digital Security Degrees – Yes? No? Maybe…….

I’ve had a few emails recently from people wanting to know more about Digital Forensic/Ethical Hacking degrees. People may be thinking I’m a little biased having invested countless thousands of pounds, man hours and sweat in to the course so far. However, isn’t everyone a little biased… The term Ethical Hacking comes under many headings, […]

Want to keep up with the ITSec community? Listen to the podcasts

Given how fast paced the IT and Info Sec community is it is often difficult to keep up to date with current events as these are changing constantly minute by minute around the world. There was a time when if something occurred half way around the earth it would have little effect. Now however, with […]

IT/InfoSec who to follow on Twitter

More to follow, message us if there’s one we’re missing, especially yours! https://twitter.com/#!/jessicambair https://twitter.com/#!/Steve_at_EnCase https://twitter.com/#!/irongeek_adc https://twitter.com/#!/McGrewSecurity https://twitter.com/#!/ChrisJohnRiley https://twitter.com/#!/rapid7 https://twitter.com/#!/HackerRun https://twitter.com/#!/matthewneely https://twitter.com/#!/hack3rcon https://twitter.com/#!/securityspeak https://twitter.com/#!/ErrataRob https://twitter.com/#!/hdmoore https://twitter.com/#!/SecurityHumor https://twitter.com/#!/SpireSec https://twitter.com/#!/indi303

Higher education cuts could make or break the ITSec industry

As with all sectors and industries, education sector employees are not immune to cost cutting and the threat of redundancy. We’re not talking about the nurseries or even GCSE level educators, but the higher education and university sector. The university and higher education fee charging sector is the sector which you would expect to be […]

BackTrack 5 Codename ‘Revolution’ Released

BackTrack 5 (codenamed ‘REVOLUTION’) has now been released on May 10th 2011. BT5 is available in a number of various flavors depending upon your usage.

Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security – Threats and Trust in Cyberspace Conference – 2011 – Review

About the Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security: As stated on the Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security’s website- “The origin of the Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security can be traced to 2007. Representatives of the School of Computing Science, the North East Fraud Forum (NEFF) , and relevant international experts came together to […]