I don’t know where it’s from or who’s behind it…

I don’t know where it’s from or who’s behind it…CanYouCrackIt.co.uk?     Following our earlier article on ForHacSec.com about the online game CanYouCrackIt.co.uk a video has been uplaoded to YouTube about the challenge. “This code – I don’t know where it’s from or who’s behind it – I don’t know much to be honest I […]

Pen-Test Game

The ForHacSec.com team have recently come across the Can You Crack It? game for those interested in the security arena particularly around Hacking, Pen-Testing and Coding. So we thought we’d share it with you and see what results you get. It’s an interesting game and is designed to test the skills of a would be […]

Penetration Testing Toolkit coming to Android

#DefCon 19 : Android Network Toolkit for Penetration Testing and Hacking   Have an Android and wanna start pwning people, networks and machines like penetration testers do? Defcon 2011 is in full hacking swing, and Itzhak Avraham — “Zuk” for short — and his company Zimperium have unveiled the Android Network Toolkit for easy hacking on the […]

Travelodge Admits Hack

Travelodge has told customers who’ve received spam email that the company has not lost their credit card details, which is nice. The letter said: Our main priority is to ensure the security of our customers’ data, which is why I wanted to make you aware that a small number of you may have received a […]

Travelodge hack, investigation continues…

Travelodge is investigating its IT systems to discover how customer email addresses have gone astray. Several other customers have blogged of similar experiences, here’s Shepy’s post on the apparent hack. Either LulzSec has taken a step down from hacking the US Senate and the CIA to target the motel chain, or Travelodge has been hit […]

European Council: Creating hacking tools should be criminal across the EU

The making of hacking tools and computer viruses should be a criminal act across Europe, EU ministers have said. The EU’s Council of Ministers has backed the extension of criminal sanctions to tool—makers in response to European Commission plans to update EU laws tackling attacks against computer systems. Responding to European Commission plans to create […]