A-Doh!-Be hit by ‘sophisticated’ Cyber Attack

Adobe’s systems have been hit by numerous “sophisticated attacks” that have compromised the information of 2.9 million customers, and accessed the source code of Adobe products. The company said¬†on Thursday¬†that it has been the victim of a major cyberattack and said hackers had accessed those millions of customer IDs and encrypted passwords. “We also believe […]

Criminals wouldn’t sell stolen credit card data on Twitter…would they?

F-Secure has reported how on-line criminals are selling stolen credit card data on Twitter. – For example, check out Mr. SshoaibAhmed: Let’s follow the link…

Are O2 making it easy for the Fraudsters…?

There is becoming an ever familiar pattern emerging with vulnerabilities believed to be with the mobile telecommunications provider O2, previously ‘Cellnet’. It is believed fraudsters are making use of the mobile phone company’s lack of electronic transaction processing checks in order to find out whether or not fraudulently obtained credit/debit cards are still active. The […]

ChainReactionCycles.com – CRC Card Fraud

AN UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE IS AVAILABLE HERE There is a lot of discussion going on right now in the mountain biking world following fraudulent transactions being made on customers credit and debit cards which have been used in the last 7-10 days on popular online mountain biking store chainreactioncycles.com. A large number of people […]