RFC – Digital Forensics within IaaS Environments

Request for comments – I would be interested in knowing your thoughts and opinions on the topic of “Digital Forensics within Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Environments. For my sins I have chosen this as the subject for my dissertation and although I could happily write thousands upon thousands of words (Plenty of practice writing forensic reports…) of […]

Are O2 making it easy for the Fraudsters…?

There is becoming an ever familiar pattern emerging with vulnerabilities believed to be with the mobile telecommunications provider O2, previously ‘Cellnet’. It is believed fraudsters are making use of the mobile phone company’s lack of electronic transaction processing checks in order to find out whether or not fraudulently obtained credit/debit cards are still active. The […]

Adequate 3G from Vodafone is yet to reach the North

UPDATE AVAILABLE HERE A pattern is being seen in Newcastle City Centre by Vodafone UK customers. More and more people are taking to Vodafone’s eforum to voice their upset at the fact that none business customers are unable to get a reliable 3G data connection, particularly during business hours. Various customers of Vodafone with various […]

Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security – Threats and Trust in Cyberspace Conference – 2011 – Review

About the Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security: As stated on the Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security’s website- “The origin of the Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security can be traced to 2007. Representatives of the School of Computing Science, the North East Fraud Forum (NEFF) , and relevant international experts came together to […]

How badly do you want to know who is viewing your Facebook profile?

I’m increasingly being asked by folks on Facebook if it’s possible to tell who has been viewing their Facebook profile. A number have been attracted to webpages and Facebook applications that claim to be able to give you a secret insight into who is spying on your profile. Well, if you’re one of those people […]

ChainReactionCycles.com – CRC Card Fraud

AN UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE IS AVAILABLE HERE There is a lot of discussion going on right now in the mountain biking world following fraudulent transactions being made on customers credit and debit cards which have been used in the last 7-10 days on popular online mountain biking store chainreactioncycles.com. A large number of people […]

Update – Vodafone – HTC Desire Froyo Branded Update – Fail!

Vodafone UK finally issued a formal response of some use today by issuing the below statement – Posted 20th August 2010: “HTC Desire: Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) Update to Android 2.2 The Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire will start to be available to Vodafone customers from Monday 23 August. Our priority has been […]

Vodafone – HTC Desire Froyo Branded Update – Fail!

Vodafone released an update for HTC Desire owners this morning, who were expecting it to be the imminent upgrade to Android 2.2, or Froyo as it’s also known. Froyo, which was rolled out on the Nexus One back in June in the UK, comes with a considerable speed boost, full Flash support, and device tethering […]