UK mobile data service survey launched

The BBC is launching aUKwide 3G data service survey to see exactly what the true coverage map looks like via a Android app. Many service providers provide their own map of coverage forUKto there existing and potential customers. However this will be the firstUKwide completely independent survey carried out by the BBC. The survey will […]

Penetrate – WEP key cracking app removed from the Android Market

Over the previous 18 months since discovering the Google Android Platform I have played with many an app from the Google Android Market, all of which were free, out of the many hundreds which I download apart from one which I did delve deep in to my pocket and paid the couple of pound to […]

UPDATE – Vodafone Unusable 3G Coverage Newcastle NE1

Following an earlier article on in relation to the unusable 3G data service provided by mobile telecommunication provider Vodafone UK. Vodafone UK’s directors office (office of Guy Laurence) advised following a complaint which a number of Newcastle based Vodafone customers submitted regarding the unusable 3G data service and the way in which Vodafone had failed to acknowledge and respond […]

Adequate 3G from Vodafone is yet to reach the North

UPDATE AVAILABLE HERE A pattern is being seen in Newcastle City Centre by Vodafone UK customers. More and more people are taking to Vodafone’s eforum to voice their upset at the fact that none business customers are unable to get a reliable 3G data connection, particularly during business hours. Various customers of Vodafone with various […]

Update – Vodafone – HTC Desire Froyo Branded Update – Fail!

Vodafone UK finally issued a formal response of some use today by issuing the below statement – Posted 20th August 2010: “HTC Desire: Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) Update to Android 2.2 The Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire will start to be available to Vodafone customers from Monday 23 August. Our priority has been […]

Vodafone – HTC Desire Froyo Branded Update – Fail!

Vodafone released an update for HTC Desire owners this morning, who were expecting it to be the imminent upgrade to Android 2.2, or Froyo as it’s also known. Froyo, which was rolled out on the Nexus One back in June in the UK, comes with a considerable speed boost, full Flash support, and device tethering […]