WordPress admin privilege auto-handover – Does such a thing exist?

We were wondering if there is such a function or plug-in available for WordPress which automatically provides a designated existing registered user of a WordPress site with full administration privileges after a predetermined period of time of no login activity from an existing designated admin account. For example if the core ‘Admin’ account doesn’t login to a site for say 30 […]

Is it time to use Password Managers?

The endless list of usernames and passwords we have to remember certainly isn’t getting any smaller and I often impress myself with the amount of random usernames and passwords I can remember, however there’s always that ‘What if’, what if I forget them. Granted most products and services which require secure credentials offer a password […]

Want to get in to ITSec? Get on Twitter

We’ve had a few emails recently from people asking ‘How to get in to the security industry’ and ‘How to learn more about security’ and overall just keep their finger on the pulse. Along with get the right qualifications, read the write books, browse the right security blogs (we link to most of them!) as […]