DefCon 2011 Presentations – Ready for download

#DefCon 19 : Presentations from the Defcon Conference for Download   Defcon 19 presentations available for download, Go check out the presentations from this year’s defcon conference here: For folks that don’t have time to click: curl -silent | grep -i ‘pdf’ | cut -d ‘”‘ -f 8 | cut -d ‘<‘ -f 1 […]

Penetration Testing Toolkit coming to Android

#DefCon 19 : Android Network Toolkit for Penetration Testing and Hacking   Have an Android and wanna start pwning people, networks and machines like penetration testers do? Defcon 2011 is in full hacking swing, and Itzhak Avraham — “Zuk” for short — and his company Zimperium have unveiled the Android Network Toolkit for easy hacking on the […]

Digital Security Degrees – Yes? No? Maybe…….

I’ve had a few emails recently from people wanting to know more about Digital Forensic/Ethical Hacking degrees. People may be thinking I’m a little biased having invested countless thousands of pounds, man hours and sweat in to the course so far. However, isn’t everyone a little biased… The term Ethical Hacking comes under many headings, […]