Female hackers need apply

Even when I was starting to study my degree just some 4 years ago in Digital Forensics and IT Security there appeared to be very little interest in the subject of IT as a whole, let alone Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking from women.

Some three women appeared in the lecture hall on the first day of the course in the September  all of which had left by that Christmas as did around 25% of the male students.

This was due to various reasons including, ability, expectations of the course, motivation as well as a couple realising that they weren’t going to be learning how to ‘Hack’ bank accounts and chip and pin machines in the first week! If ever!

As an industry we need to be welcoming talent and expertise from all areas. Getting down to the basic differences of male and female gender diversity can offer so much more to subject and an industry. Not forgetting of course the experience, background, abilities and cultural enrichment both genders can offer.

So for me and as an industry it’s nice to see the University of Abertay welcoming and encouraging Female students in to the subjects of IT Security.



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