WordPress admin privilege auto-handover – Does such a thing exist?

We were wondering if there is such a function or plug-in available for WordPress which automatically provides a designated existing registered user of a WordPress site with full administration privileges after a predetermined period of time of no login activity from an existing designated admin account.

For example if the core ‘Admin’ account doesn’t login to a site for say 30 days privileges are increased for a designated trusted user automatically by the plug-in or feature allowing the site to then be continually maintained in the event of for example, a lone admins death or even the password being forgotten to the main admin account and the admin no-longer having access to the password recovery feature, such as an email account originally set up to retrieve the password reset notification.

Thankfully we at ForHacSec have multiple admins and it would be very unlucky for us all to kick the bucket at the same time.

If this feature or plugin does exist what and where is it and if not, is anyone interested in a challenge of creating it?

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