Dell partners with UK based Evidence Talks

A PIECE of software developed by a small Milton Keynes IT company has been taken up by one of the biggest computer companies in the world.

Evidence Talks, based in Crownhill, has developed forensic intelligence software called SPEKTOR which can access and collect digital evidence for law enforcement agencies.

The software has been bought by computer giant Dell for its mobile digital forensics product.

As far as Dell is concerned the software can automatically and securely examine data at the scene of the crime, allowing for the efficient analysis of time-sensitive, actionable information.

Andrew Sheldon, MD of Evidence Talks said: “We are pleased to be working with Dell as part of their Digital Forensics Solution.

“Our unique experience of performing thousands of digital forensic examinations, coupled with a highly talented and dedicated software development team, enabled us to design a digital solution that has proved to be a perfect complement to Dell’s industry-leading forensic architecture as well as the top-of-the-line performance of its solutions.

“We are very proud and excited that Dell selected our products to play such an important role in their solution.”

The software uses the latest technology to provide quick and secure identification of evidence on PCs, laptops and mobile phones, both volatile memory and hard drives, USB sticks and other external memory devices, and satellite navigation systems. Investigative organisations typically remove devices such as computers, phones, USB devices and other digital devices from a crime scene in order to properly analyse the information stored on them.

The mobile solution allows on-site investigation of digital storage device using one piece of technology. It can also deliver results within a few minutes of capture, reducing processing time and eliminating legal backlogs.

The software has been given the thumbs up by police who say they’ve been able to use the product on a smart phone to obtain information including emails, text messages, phone calls and pictures.

Evidence Talks was established 18 years ago as one of the first independent digital forensic consultancies in the UK. It has developed several unique proprietary products at its Milton Keynes research and development, including the two award-winning technologies, Remote Forensics and SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence.

More information about Dell Forensic solutions can be found here.

Evidence Talks is privately owned by directors Andrew Sheldon and Elizabeth Sheldon.

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