On the 6th April 2011 the hacking orientated TV ‘Breaking-In’ aired on Fox. Breaking_in is about a team of so called ‘penetration-testers’ who are contracted to test the security of their customers.

Prior to it coming to air, one of two things was going to happen. A chance that the show would be a real to life genuine reflection on the world of an ethical hacker/pen-tester. There’s also the more realistic chance it was going to be somewhat cringe worthy and the only reason people would watch it would be to laugh and point followed by it being cancelled within weeks. That, we will have to wait and see.

More importantly however, an idea which I got courtesy of Martin McKeay over at Why not create a Breaking_in drinking game?


Take one shot if:

  • Anyone mis-states any sort of technology
  • Someone finds/cracks a password which is the word ‘password’
  • Someone references “Sneakers”
  • There’s an inaccurate lockpicking reference
  • Any time they mention a firewall as being the solution to the problem
  • Anyone mentions a noop sled
  • Someone mentions the Cloud
  • “Boom goes the dynamite”
  • They turn it off and on again
  • Whenever a ‘hackers’ workstation has more than two monitors
  • They crack or hack something using ‘wireless’

Take two shots if: 

  • They show a screen shot of a GUI as a ‘hacking tool’
  • Anyone claims to be the Worlds Greatest Hacker
  • there’s mention of PCI, HIPAA, ISO27001 or other compliance initiative (I’ll personally down the bottle on this one)
  • If they cracked the ‘database’ encryption

Take three shots if:

  • They show a real hacking tool used in the way it’s supposed to be used.  (not much chance of this one)
  • They ‘enhance’ a grainy image to the point it’s actually useful
  • You actually learn something useful and new from the show
  • They show an accurate network diagram

Better have some good alcohol handy…!

Update: I have seen a couple of episodes of this now. I was expecting a lot more cringe. So far there has been very little actual computer based pen-testing or hacking and more physical pen-testing with regards to getting access to a physical location or acquiring a physical object and testing the physical systems and processes.

The one computer ‘hacker’ they do have, was found in a university setting after having ‘hacked’ the universities system and amended his grades in order to get his degree.  After which he also found the password to one of his lectures accounts. The password of which, predictably was ‘password’……

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