Additional 25m Sony users accounts stolen

It is probable that the personal information breached in this latest round of Sony security breaches is of duplicate data to that which was breached belonging to the previus 70 million users. Sony warned that personally identifiable information for an additional 25 million customers was exposed after discovering a massive security breach extended to its online computer […]


On the 6th April 2011 the hacking orientated TV ‘Breaking-In’ aired on Fox. Breaking_in is about a team of so called ‘penetration-testers’ who are contracted to test the security of their customers. Prior to it coming to air, one of two things was going to happen. A chance that the show would be a real to […]

Hacker pwns police cruiser

As a penetration tester hired to pierce the digital fortresses of Fortune 1000 casinos, banks and energy companies, Kevin Finisterre has hacked electronic cash boxes, geologic-survey equipment, and on more than one occasion, a client’s heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system. But one of his most unusual hacks came during a recent assignment testing the security […]