Recommended Android Apps

Angry Birds ¬†– The number one free Android game. The idea being to attack and kill ‘pigs’ using flying birds with various tactics.

Barcode Scanner – It scans barcodes, can be used with 1D barcodes, QR codes and Data Matrix codes. Simple uses include inventory and asset use as well as scanning items in the shopping and comparing prices online there and there with the like of Google Shopper and Amazon.

Colornote – A digital version of the traditional ‘Posit’ note found in all offices.

eBay App – Manage your buying and selling whilst on the move.

Every Trail – A really good app which enables you to track your route, speed and distance when exercising and upload online to your Every Trail and Face book accounts to share with your friends. You can also save routes to follow next time as well as downloading routes from others to discover a new adventure.

Endomondo – A really good app to compliment any fitness regime, suitable for all sports, from Running to Mountain Biking, Skating, Kayaking, Sailing, Hiking, Swimming (Waterproof case may be needed for your phone!), Basketball, Boxing, Football, Pilates, Tennis, Yoga and many more.

ES Family of Apps – Including:

  • File Explorer – For use with the built in SD card, SMB LAN resources over WIFI and FTP Resources.
  • Task Manager – Enables you to force the closure of those tasks that sometimes just won’t close.
  • ¬†Security Manager – Enables you to manage which apps an run and even password protect some apps, if you lend your phone to people.
  • Bookmark Manager – Manages your most frequently browsed sites.

Firebox for Android – Another web browser for Android which enables you to access the sites and tabs from your desktop, on the move.

FirstAid – A simple FirstAid Application that helps you ensure your kit is up to date and with useful information and guidance in the event you ever need to use it. Covering all the major topics from heart attacks and shock to breathing, heat effects and poisoning.

GMote – A Useful presentation app, install the client on your phone and the server on your laptop and you can control your music and presentations via Bluetooth and across a wireless network using your Android device.

Google Latitude (Part of Google Maps) – Enables you to share with your friends where you are, great to save constantly texting if your running late, your friends can see for themselves. Also useful in ‘lone worker’ environments.

New Scientist – An Android app for the popular online and magazine New Scientist. Subscription is require for some articles, however, a good percentage are available for free.

OI Safe – 256bit AES encrypted password and account information manager.

PayPal – An Android app for PayPal, don’t delay paying for your share of the night out, pay-up there and then.

RAC Traffic – Gives you up to date information for the whole of the UK across 3G and WI-FI using a Red, Amber and Yellow alert system, with detailed information on roads, locations and reason for delay. – Find out the speed of connection your getting across 3G, determine 3G black spots and benchmark between your friends.

SwiftKey – A nicer looking and easier keyboard to use instead of the default.

TV-Guide UK Free – A TV guide app for all of the major digital TV channels in the UK.

Wi-Fi Analyzer – Analyse the wi-fi signals near by, work out what other hotspots are interfering with yours and where to get the best signal. It also has a built in giga counter type utility to help you find a hotspot.

Penetrate РFind and crack poorly secured wireless routers within seconds. A free version is available on the Android Market place as well as the feature packed pro version for about £1.

WordPress – Keep up to date with your blog, authorise comments and re-act to news and recent events there and then with WordPress for Android.

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